Season of Giving

Please join me in helping others during this season of giving. Each week, between now and the beginning of the year I will be highlighting an organization that helps those in need throughout the Assembly District. While we do what we can during the holiday season, let’s continue to support these organizations throughout the year. After all, remember….”there but for fortune…”

Here is the list of organizations, with a definition of what they focus on, that I am asking you to join me in helping during this season of giving.

Spectrum:  Help Feed the Need by sending a nutritious meal to a senior in need over the holiday season. Go to to make a donation to Spectrum Community Services Inc.

La Familia/Fesco:  La Familia is working with over 6000 Alameda County residents every year in programs that help people create their best lives and raise people out of homelessness.  I hope you will join me as a committed donor in 2018! You can give here:

SAVE: SAVE was founded in 1976 as a grassroots organization by a group of Tri-Cities women who sought to provide support to victims of domestic violence. Visit their website at to help them serve thousands of individuals and families.

Hayward Animal Shelter: Join me in supporting the shelter by donating some much needed items: Pill pockets for cats and dogs, Cat wand toys, and Clumping cat litter. Visit their website for more info:

Fremont Giving Hope Sponsorship Program:  This program grants seniors, children and families a personalized wish list that includes clothing, toys, furniture, equipment, groceries, and more. To join in with me this holiday go to the following website and discover their stories and make a wish come true.

Ruby’s Place:  Rubys Place Hayward was one of the first shelters for families and individuals in the Bay Area to be established by community volunteers. Join me today to help them keep families safe and stable, one person at a time. Visit their website and see how you can help make a difference.

Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO): I will be donating laundry pods. Please take a look at their wish list and consider making a donation yourselves. › SUPPORT US