California Assembly Honors August as Muslim American Appreciation and Awareness Month

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) authored House Resolution 58 (HR 58) to recognize the month of August 2021 as American Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month.

“This resolution is personally meaningful because of what it has come to symbolize. Acknowledging August as American Muslim Awareness and Appreciation Month sheds light on the beauty of the community,” explained Assemblymember Quirk during the August 16 presentation on the Assembly floor. “My constituents, friends and neighbors share stories about the harassment they receive, the harassment their friends and colleagues endure for no other reason than being Muslim. HR 58 is an opportunity to look beyond the hate, the negative headlines and the hurtful rhetoric.” HR 58 American Muslim Awareness and Appreciation Month graphic

Unlike earlier years, when Assemblymember Quirk has introduced this resolution on the Assembly Floor, there was no ceremony to recognize the work of leaders in the American Muslim Community. Instead, he opted to have a small outdoor event at the Islamic Center of East Bay. 

On Saturday August 28, Assemblymember Quirk recognized the work of three key leaders in the American Muslim Community. “It is my honor to recognize Moina Shaiq a leader in the American Muslim community who works to end hate toward the American Muslim Community and founded the “Meet a Muslim” program; the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – Bay Area Chapter who has been a leader in the Bay Area since 1994, making it the oldest chapter of CAIR in the country and Sameena Usman, who is a organizer and has been the face of countless campaigns on behalf of the American Muslim Community,” announced Assemblymember Quirk. Assemblymember Quirk with his honorees (from left to right) Moina Shaiq, CAIR and Sameena Usman

“I am very humbled and honored for being recognized by Assemblymember Quirk. I really appreciate his understanding and friendship of the Muslim community, his recognizing August as Muslim Appreciation and Awareness month for the 6th year in a row means a lot to the community,” said Moina Shaiq.

“I truly appreciate being recognized by Assemblymember Quirk and for his steadfast solidarity with the Muslim community,” said Sameena Usman, Senior Government Relations Coordinator for CAIR-SFBA. “While I am thankful for the recognition, we do this work not for the accolades, but because we truly believe in serving the community and promoting justice.”

“We thank Assemblymember Quirk not only for his recognition for CAIR-SFBA, but for uplifting and amplifying the efforts of the Muslim community,” said Zahra Billoo, Executive Director for CAIR-SFBA.  “His groundbreaking resolution was an inspiration to so many Muslims, especially at a time when Muslims face increasing cases of hate crimes and discrimination.”

“Today’s honorees are the most dedicated advocates for social justice in the American Muslim community. Collectively, they are working to end prejudice, protect civil liberties, correct wrongs within the criminal justice system and create a more equitable world for everyone,” explained Assemblymember Quirk. “This resolution, and the opportunity to engage with and recognize such inspirational individuals, will be one of the major highlights of my career as an Assemblymember.

In 2016 Assemblymember Quirk became the first legislator to introduce a resolution to designate a month in honor of Muslim Americans.