​​​​​​​Buffalo Bill’s Brewery of Hayward is Honored in Sacramento during the Annual “Small Business Day” Celebration

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Assemblymember Quirk (center), Geoff Harries (right), owner of Buffalo Bill’s and Alexander Caldeira (left), General Manager at Buffalo Bill’s

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Quirk (D-Hayward) selected Buffalo Bill’s Brewery as his 2019 Small Business of the Year Honoree. On June 19, Geoff Harries, owner of Buffalo Bills Brewery, joined the Assemblymember for a ceremony and luncheon in Sacramento.


Every year, the California Small Business Association encourages members of the California Legislature to invite a small business from their district for a celebration in Sacramento.


“Small businesses play such a critical role in our economy. They create jobs – employing half of our state’s private workforce, they generate taxes, support important industry sectors, and revitalize communities,” said Assemblymember Quirk, “we must support small businesses so that they can start, grow, and stay in California.”Assemblymember Quirk (center), Geoff Harries (right), owner of Buffalo Bill’s and Alexander Caldeira (left), General Manager at Buffalo Bill’s


Buffalo Bill’s, one of the first brewpubs in America, opened in 1983 and helped launch the burgeoning craft beer movement across the United States. Their advocacy efforts were instrumental in the passing of landmark legislation in California that allowed brewers to sell to the consumer directly in a restaurant setting. Bill Owens, then owner of Buffalo Bill’s, continued to advocate for the extension of this bill across the 50 states and prompted a nationwide surge of beer pubs and microbreweries.


“It's a great honor to have Buffalo Bill's Brewery recognized by the California Assembly.  After 36 years, it's a testament to the dedicated and hardworking employees of Buffalo Bill's who are the real recipients of this award.  Many thanks to my team and to Bill Quirk,” stated Geoff upon receiving the award.


Having started as a homebrewer and winning awards, Geoff has carried on the brewing legacy and continues to put Buffalo Bill’s on the map. In 2018, Buffalo Bills got inducted into the Smithsonian American history Museum as one of the most historic brewpubs in America. Harries is now embarking on his newest venture, Russel City Distillery.


“Buffalo Bill’s is my favorite local brewery. You can feel the family environment when you come into the establishment – something I know trickles down from Geoff. He has such an incredible work ethic, I am just thrilled to have him and Buffalo Bill’s in Hayward and not at all surprised he is being highlighted at the Smithsonian,” concluded Assemblymember Quirk.