Assemblymember Bill Quirk Holds Briefing on Decarbonizing the Energy Grid

For immediate release:

WHO:                   Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety &Toxic Materials

WHAT:                 Briefing:  Zero-Carbon Grid by 2045

I. Introductory Comments by Assemblymember Quirk

II. Balancing Demand Management and Diverse Renewables

  • Max Wei, Research Scientist, Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Jennifer Chamberlin, Board Member, California Efficiency + Demand Management Council
  • Colin Cushnie, Vice President of Power Supply, Southern California Edison

III. Bulk Storage in California

  • Babu Chalamala, Manager, Energy Storage Technology and Systems Development at Sandia National Laboratory
  • Janice Lin, Co-Founder and Executive Director, California Energy Storage Alliance
  • Nancy Sutley, Chief Sustainability Officer, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

IV. Long Term Planning, Policy Direction

  • Siva Gunda, Deputy Director, Energy Assessments Division, California Energy Commission
  • Rachel Peterson, Chief of Staff to Commissioner Randolph, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Neil Millar, Executive Director of Infrastructure Development, California Independent System Operator

V. Public comments

WHERE:               California State Capitol, Room 447, Sacramento              


WHEN:                  Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

WHY:                    To discuss how to achieve California’s SB 100 goals of meeting all of the state’s retail electricity supply needs with zero-carbon sources by the end of 2045.