The Cobblers, a Hayward-based Family Business, is Recognized in Sacramento during the annual “Small Business Day” Celebration

Thursday, June 21, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Quirk (D-Hayward) selected The Cobblers of Hayward as his Small Business of the Year Honoree. Rudy Grasseschi, owner of The Cobblers joined the Assemblymember for the annual ceremony and luncheon that is held in Sacramento on June 19.

Rudy Grasseschi and Assemblymember Quirk

According to Assemblymember Quirk, “Small businesses are truly the backbone of the state’s economy. I am thrilled to have California’s small businesses employ half of the state’s private workforce. I am honored to have Rudy with me in Sacramento,” said Assemblymember Quirk.


Rudy’s father, Alfred Grasseschi, opened the shop in 1932.  Four generations of Grasseschis have practiced the trade that began with his grandfather in Italy. Rudy started working with his father when he was 15-years old. This year, The Cobblers celebrate their 60-year anniversary.

In reflecting over the last 60 years, Rudy shared the following: “for a successful business, number one is God and family, two is hard work, and three is determination – if you do all those three things you will succeed.” 


At 82 years-old, Rudy has no intent of slowing down. Today, The Cobblers have clients all over the country, including as far as Fairbanks, Alaska. They work on all sorts of shoes – from cowboy boots to slippers to motorcycle boots.


Every year, the California Small Business Association encourages members of the California Legislature to invite a small business from their district for a celebration in Sacramento.


“The Cobblers is one of the oldest businesses in Hayward. They have been an important member of the community for 60 years and have seen Hayward through good times and not so good times. I admire Rudy’s work ethic and know that the Cobblers will thrive for many years to come” stated Assemblymember Quirk.