Letters to the Editor: Hydrogen power is the path forward

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Regarding “California must invest in hydrogen infrastructure to meet zero-emission goals” (SFChronicle.com, Feb. 26): Bravo to Assembly Members Autumn Burk and Bill Quirk for making the case for increased support for hydrogen power. As they explain, hydrogen fuel cell technology can solve some of the most challenging aspects of our transition to an emissions-free transportation system. It eliminates range anxiety.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles can also refuel in minutes, much quicker than electric vehicles can recharge. For trucks and heavy equipment, hydrogen can provide power reserves that batteries presently can’t. By using power from renewable sources at peak production times to create hydrogen, we can store solar and wind energy that we would otherwise not be able to use, and without the expense and environmental destruction of a massive investment in battery manufacturing. Hydrogen power is a necessary complement to electric power as we move away from a fossil fuel economy.

Mark Valentine, Oakland