Letter: Animal lovers statewide must support AB 1230

Friday, March 1, 2019

Letters to the Editors: Former San Jose Councilman, Pierluigi Oliverio, The Mercury News

This bill will ban the cruel practice of cat declawing, which is similar to cutting off the first knuckle of a human finger.

Back in 2014, I hosted a community viewing of the documentary film “The Paw Project.” The veterinarian-filmmaker attended the city hall event, and participated in an audience discussion.

The film exposes the barbaric practice of declawing cats, and advocates for the termination of this unnecessary and harmful procedure. Declawing — which is much more aggressive than trimming fingernails and is similar to cutting off the first knuckle of a human finger — often leads to extreme anti-social and aggressive behavior in otherwise adoptable and companionable animals.

Back then, I aggressively pushed for San Jose to follow the lead of other cities, states and countries that had already banned the cruel practice of cat declawing, however San Jose was pre-empted in doing so by California law.
Fortunately, Assemblyman Bill Quirk has submitted AB 1230 which would eliminate declawing statewide. This promising legislative proposal deserves the full support of animal lovers throughout our community.