Quirk Bill to Protect and Expand Mobile Connectivity for Low-Income Californians is Vetoed

SACRAMENTO – In an effort to improve the impact and the effective of California’s LifeLine Program, Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) authored AB 2652. This bill, that would have improved the administration of the program by making it easier for customers to enroll and stay enrolled in the program, was vetoed by Governor Brown.


Guidelines on Lane Splitting are Published by the California Highway Patrol

SACRAMENTO – In 2016 Assemblymembers Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) and Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale), a retired California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer introduced AB 51 to grant the CHP authority to draft educational guidelines on lane splitting. Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle drives between rows of stopped or moving traffic. AB 51 was signed into law in 2017 by Governor Jerry Brown.


Gov. Brown Signs Bill to Let Court Consider Pet's Well-Being in Divorces

John Rogers, NBC Bay Area
California courts could be going to the dogs — and maybe cats, too — under a new law granting judges authority to settle disagreements over who keeps the family pet in divorce cases the same way they handle child-custody disputes.
Until now, Fido and Kitty have been considered family property, a status giving them little more standing in a divorce than a family's big-screen TV.
Under a bill signed Thursday by Gov.

California Gov. Signs Bill Allowing More Cannabis Event Venues

Pat Beggan, Ganjapreneur
Previously, cannabis events were required by law to be held only at county fairgrounds. California being as large as it is, those fairgrounds might be hundreds of miles and hours of driving from some cities.
The bill AB 2020, now law, was authored by Assemblymember Bill Quirk specifically to patch the hole in cannabis permitting that started to become an issue earlier this year.

California Just Expanded the Number of Cities that Can Host Cannabis Events

Dave Brooks, Amplify
A new California law is taking the handcuffs off the legal cannabis business, vastly expanding the locations and towns allowed to host events with legal weed.
California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2020 yesterday (Sept. 27) expanding the locations events where pot consumption and even sales can take place.

California judges will soon be able to consider a pet's well-being when awarding custody in a divorce

Mini Racker, Los Angeles Times
As more divorcing couples fight over who gets to keep their pets, a new law will allow judges to treat those conflicts more like child custody battles.
In the past, courts have generally assigned pets to spouses based on who paid for or adopted them. Under a law signed Thursday by Gov. Jerry Brown, courts would be allowed to make custody decisions based on who walks a dog, takes a cat to the vet or grooms a horse.