2013-2014 Legislation

AB 1876: County Jails, Phone Concession Elimination. Would prohibit county jails from accepting commission or other payment from a telephone company as an incentive to adopt a contract for providing telephone services to inmates.

AB 1900: Video-Recorded Testimony. Updates the Penal Code by changing the word "videotape" to "video-recording" as it relates to testimony in certain circumstances.

AB 1974: Nursing Facilities: Patient Service Clarification.  Clarifies that licensed and certified nursing facilities are not required to obtain duplicative approval by state licensing to provide inpatient therapy services already required under their certification.

AB 1992: Biofuel Advance Market Commitment. Guarantees a market for the first very low-carbon fuel producers to produce fuels at commercial scale. The California Air Resources Board will be authorized to require a small amount of the state’s fuel demand to be met with fuels that have at least 50% fewer greenhouse emissions than conventional gasoline or diesel.

AB 2008: Dedicated Loading & Unloading Space for Transit Villages. Adds provision of dedicated loading and unloading space to the list of preferred design features which would grant a development status as a Transit Village.

AB 2050: The Road to 2050. Requires the California Air Resources Board to add specific elements when updated the next Scoping Plan, as well as develop a proposal to the Legislature to help establish long-term greenhouse reduction goals for 2050 and intermediate targets. Furthermore, it establishes the Scoping Plan Advisory Panel to review and assess CARB's Scoping Plan and report key findings and recommendations to the Legislature.

AB 2089: Domestic Violence Prevention Act. Makes various changes to reflect current understanding and application of restraining orders, including prohibiting the denial of a restraining order solely because of the length of time that has passed between the issuance of a temporary restraining order and the petition for permanent one.

AB 2137: Small Business Energy Efficiency Incentive Program. Requires GO-Biz and the CPUC to develop and maintain, on its Internet Web site, a section dedicated to all of the energy efficiency programs that are available to small businesses within the state.

AB 2227: Proposition 39 – Oversight. Will provide operational guidance to the Citizen's Oversight Board, created by Proposition 39, by developing the structure of the board in order for it to being the evaluation, review and reporting requirements funds. (Proposition 39 is a 2012 ballot initiative that modified the way out-of-state corporations calculate their income tax burden).

AB 2425: Forensic Alcohol Review Committee. Requires the California Department of Public Health (DPH) to adopt changes to the code of regulations pertaining to alcohol level testing in laboratories.